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15 March 2014

Thanx voting Nancy Harms – Weight of the World (pop jazz radio)


Thanx voting Nancy Harms – Weight of the World (pop jazz radio)


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  1. Teri

    Nancy Harms is an incredibly talented and soulful songstress! Her style is one of a kind and she is a musical tour de force!

  2. Nancy is an original — not just as a songwriter, but as a vocalist who uses her voice to convey a lot more than the story in the lyrics. Get to know her– she’s the future of jazz and modern vocal music.

  3. NANCY HARMS FANS IN THE LOS ANGELES AREA! – Nancy makes her LA DEBUT this coming AUGUST 5TH at Jazz at the CAP in Sherman Oaks! More info on the way!

  4. I love Nancy Harms voice, so wonderful to hear her songs everyday on my mp3. I have been to all her gigs and she gets better all the time.

  5. Peter Burke

    Isn’t she special!!! I hear her voice on many internet radio sites and of course, all across the country on U.S. radio stations.

    Nancy Harms is the real deal!!


  6. Such a lovely surprise to see this track on your chart! – I work with Nancy Harms and cowrote & co-produced this track! I will definitely be posting this on my FB page and hers as well, so that more people can find POPJAZZRADIO.COM!

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