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30 December 2011

Thanx voting Joseph Leo Bwarie – Old Devil Moon (pop jazz radio)


Thanx voting Joseph Leo Bwarie – Old Devil Moon (pop jazz radio)


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  1. Bari

    If you liked him in Jersey Boys, you’ll love him as himself! What an exciting performer. Can’t wait to see what’s yet to come.

  2. Alice A. Magray

    Sorry to see Joseph leaving Jersey Boys but he is onward and upward to better things in his career

  3. Sue

    Joseph’s got such a smooth, beautiful voice…I’m so happy to lend my support to this amazing talent.

  4. Kathie

    So happy to have another wonderful JLB song on the charts….keep em coming!! Thanks to PopJazz for show casing this wonderful vocalist!!

  5. Trisha Clark

    I’m so very happy that you’re showcasing another song from Joseph Leo Bwarie’s album “Nothin’ But Love”. He’s such a phenomenal Jazz vocalist. Thanks so much to Pop Jazz Radio for their continued support of this amazing artist and for listening to the fans. Wishing Frank and Pop Jazz Radio all the best for a Prosperous New Year in 2012!

  6. Lynne Menefee

    Very exciting to begin the New Year with another incredible song from this vocalist who, in less than six months, became #1 on PopJazzRadio’s Best of 2011! With “Umbrella” at #1 23 weeks in a row (and counting) as voted by the fans, “Old Devil Moon” is a wonderful addition from Bwarie’s stellar album, “Nothin’ But Love.”
    Thanks to PopJazzRadio for the continued support of this amazing talent and listening to the fans. Happy New Year to Frank and PopJazzRadio!

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