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You get presents. “Happy 1st Birthday” pop jazz radio

Written by on 6. October 2011

pop jazz radio 1st birthday 2011

Win one year free pop jazz music

You and your best friend get one year free all tracks of our “pop jazz radio charts” as digital



How it works?

Invite your best friend to tune in at pop jazz radio 1st birthday 10.10.11. Write her or him a

mail with a lovely invitation to tune in Send this Mail to your best

friend and to:



We’ll pick randomly three invitations out of all we’ll get till 10.10.11  (00h UTC).

Winners and their friends will be shown here till 11.10.11 (00h UTC).


1st winner:

Rika Ishikawa, Beijing (China) + Friend

2nd winner:

Susan Mitchell, Toronto (Canada) + Friend

3rd winner:

Lorenzo Cherubini, Roma (Italy) + Friend


Your present, your privacy:

It’s an voucher about 50 € that’s worth 50 legal single song down loads.

You and your best friend (both) get one 50€ voucher. The voucher is not connected

to the pop jazz radio charts, you decide the tracks. It’s a single usable voucher.


It’s not about selling your e-Mail –  it’s about pop jazz radio fans, who have friends

that also love pop & jazz music.It’s a gift for you, our way to say “Thank your” for one

year of relationship between you and us.


Leipzig (Germany), 06.10.2011

Frank Wilkat (pop jazz radio)


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